Drawing Blood

The subject of incitement as an impediment to Palestinian-Israeli peace may finally be getting deserved attention. But even now, discussion of the issue glosses over a deeper problem. Israel has been complaining for years about Palestinian Authority incitement against Israel and against Jews, arguing that it merely inflames old anger, stirs up violence and terror, and foments new hatred in each new generation. Most depressingly, it prevents the population from coming to terms with the idea of peacefully coexisting with Jewish Israel. The problem is important enough that an American-Israeli-Palestinian committee monitoring incitement was established in 1998. And it is intractable enough that the committee disbanded after a year of bickering, unable to reconvene since. Israel has recently given the issue a higher profile, including the publication in the New York Times of a column by International Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz titled "How Palestinian Hate Prevents...(Read Full Article)