Diversity and the Directors Guild of America

Most of American Thinker's readers are more than familiar with hypocrisy on the left. But when a group of left-leaning elites accuse another group of left-leaning elites of racial discrimination while guilty of it themselves, it's like a hypocritical feedback loop that takes one into uncharted levels of irony. The Directors' Guild of America (DGA) is, by most standards, the strongest union in the film & TV industry. Directors and Producers rely one another like no other professional team in Hollywood. Stories of strikes within the Writers' Guild and the Screen Actors Guild have graced the headlines of recent years, and simultaneously, negotiators for the DGA have sat down with producers and knocked out mutually-beneficial agreements in record time. With that in mind, it was curious to see the DGA indirectly accusing productions of discrimination based on the disproportionate number of TV episodes that are awarded to women and minority directors. In the most recent DGA Monthly,...(Read Full Article)