Barack Obama, Low Information President

President Barack Obama is the perfect "Low Information President." He is not really interested very much in doing his job. He doesn't know anything going on in his own administration. He is always the last to know. He learns important developments only when he reads about it in the newspaper, apparently after first reading the sports section. But Obama is keenly interested in basketball. He has turned his NCAA championship "brackets" predictions chart into a presidential event. He is into music, movies, culture. Obama is the "Pop Culture President." In fact, Obama is a "Bystander President" like Chauncy Gardiner in the movie Being There. So a perfect solution has been proposed by Rick Trader, Host of the "Conservative Commandos Radio Show." The Commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) David Stern is retiring at the end of this year. So let's give Barack Obama a promotion... to a job he might actually like doing some work in. Ladies and Gentleman: We give you the next...(Read Full Article)