Barack Obama, Low Information President

President Barack Obama is the perfect "Low Information President." He is not really interested very much in doing his job. He doesn't know anything going on in his own administration. He is always the last to know. He learns important developments only when he reads about it in the newspaper, apparently after first reading the sports section.

But Obama is keenly interested in basketball. He has turned his NCAA championship "brackets" predictions chart into a presidential event. He is into music, movies, culture. Obama is the "Pop Culture President." In fact, Obama is a "Bystander President" like Chauncy Gardiner in the movie Being There.

So a perfect solution has been proposed by Rick Trader, Host of the "Conservative Commandos Radio Show." The Commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) David Stern is retiring at the end of this year. So let's give Barack Obama a promotion... to a job he might actually like doing some work in. Ladies and Gentleman: We give you the next Commissioner of the NBA, Barack Obama.

There's something in it for the whole family. Michele Obama obviously loves money as much as they both love hobnobbing with celebrities. The job of President pays $400,000 per year. But NBA Commissioner earns an estimated $20 to 23 million per year. All we have to do is let Michele know that she could get her hands on that for that family budget. And there is no term limit. Obama could probably keep the job for as many years as he likes.

Now, Joe Biden has always been Barack Obama's impeachment and assassination insurance. The biggest factor against anything happening to Obama is that his doofus Vice President Biden would take his place as president. But as we are learning more and more about how Obama governs, would there really be much of a difference? Biden is a cheerful, fun-loving dummy, the kind you invite over for a neighborhood picnic.

Obama's main support is from "low information voters." These are voters who do not pay much attention to the news or events affecting the nation, or which politician is to blame for what. They may be smart Americans. But they just don't care that much about politics or the fate of the nation. As a result, they are easily manipulated by superficial and emotional appeals in the mainstream media.

Now we know why Obama has a natural affinity with "low information voters." Obama is a "Low Information President." President Obama has played over 160 rounds of golf in office. Obama's White House has pickup basketball games with NBA basketball stars. Obama knows who is up for Academy Awards. He gets his news from Entertainment Tonight. He has entertained 50 cent and Jay-Zee.

Obama has championship winning teams visit him at the White House, such as the Dallas Mavericks. The First Family frequently hosts Hollywood celebrities. They have turned the White House into a concert hall for A list performers. George Lucas and Cuba Gooding Jr. visited in January 2012 to screen Red Tails in the presidential private movie theater.

He can tell you what movie won best picture. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick dropped by. Eva Longoria of the "Desperate Housewives" is a guest. Adrian Grenier, the star of the series "Entourage," visited. I am sure Barack Obama knows every word in the voicemails which Miami Dolphin Richie Incognito sent to teammate Jonathan Martin. He knows all the conversations between Trayvon Martin and teenage witness Jasmine Rand.

But Obama has never had the survivors of the Benghazi Consulate terrorist attack to the White House. He has not hosted the family members of the four Americans killed in the line of duty. He has not had the families of those killed by his Fast & Furious "gun walking" program.

Obama went to sleep while the ambassador he sent to Libya, Chris Stevens, was enduring gunfire and dying in Benghazi, Libya. Why couldn't anyone get a hold of him? Where was Obama -- really?

Obama tells us he didn't know anything about the National Security Agency spying on the leaders of countries we are friends with. He didn't know about NSA spying on Americans. He didn't know about the IRS persecuting conservatives, led by the staff of the IRS General Counsel he appointed.

On November 7, 2013, Obama gave the American people a non-apology apology in an interview with NBC's Chuck Todd. Many pointed out how Obama did not actually apologize for flat-out lying to Americans to get ObamaCare passed.

But there was a much more interesting detail: Obama once again focused on his intentions. Obama, his administration leaders, and Democrats in Congress always discuss ObamaCare in terms of their intentions. Obama doesn't know what is actually in the "Affordable Care Act" (PPACA). Obama doesn't understand the legislation. Why should he? All Obama knows is what he intended.

So Obama tells us that Democrats wanted to save people money. Will the PPACA actually save people money? Obama wanted it, so that's all that matters. Over and over Obama and other Democrats tell us what they are "trying" to do -- regardless of what the law actually says and does.

Democrats have never explained how, exactly, ObamaCare was supposedly going to save anyone any money. What is the mechanism within ObamaCare that would make any family's insurance premiums go down? Only this: Wishful thinking.

Obama just dreamed up out of the clear blue sky that ObamaCare might save families $2,500 per year. There was never anything in the legislation that could ever make that happen.

Obama continually insisted that the PPACA would lower the costs of health care in the Federal budget. Again, what in the law would make anyone believe that?

When Obama ran on "Hope and Change," we didn't know empty hope would replace sound, detailed planning and careful management. Barack Obama doesn't know or care how any governmental project, initiative or law will actually work. Obama just announces what he wishes to be true, and expects someone else to figure it out.

So Barack Obama tells us he didn't know anything about any of the bad decisions, mistakes, failures, and scandals in the administration he runs and is in charge of. Shockingly, Obama skipped his national security briefings leading up to the Benghazi terrorist attacks. He is like the iconic character Sgt. Schultz in the TV series "Hogan's Heroes" who escaped trouble by bellowing: "I know nothing!"

Well, Rick Trader has a solution for that, too. We just need to put White House briefings for the president and briefings from his cabinet secretaries on Sports Center, TMZ, or Entertainment Tonight. Maybe cabinet briefings could be set to rap music and have backup dancers with lots of photographs in rapid succession illustrating the subject matter. Surely those networks would set aside a half hour each day to keep our hipster president up to speed on world events.