Anti-Semitism Must be Overcome

An alarming survey of the perception by 5,847 self-identified Jews in 8 European countries of the extent and nature of anti-Semitism they have experienced in their lives was issued on November 8, 2013 by the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union. This, the first survey to collect comparable data on the experience of Jewish people, was carried out in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The data collected the perceptions and experiences of insults, threats, attacks, vandalism, hate crimes, hate speech, and forms of discrimination motivated by anti-Semitism. It also outlines the fear of the Jews who responded to the survey for their security and well-being, and concern about the disregard of their fundamental rights. The survey findings provide data on hatred and discrimination that is useful in itself. But more important, and with hopeful optimism, is that its publication may have an impact on opinion and behavior in two ways. The...(Read Full Article)