America after Obama

What will the United States of America be like after Barack Obama leaves the presidency on January 20, 2017 (assuming he does leave)?  Five days before the 2008 election, Obama declared he would "fundamentally transform" America.  Obama has done much to fulfill that promise since January 20, 2009.  If he completes his agenda, the U.S. will be very much like a European-style welfare state.  Obama is not personally responsible for some of the changes in American society that have facilitated the welfare state's growth.  Charles Murray (Coming Apart), Bill Cosby and Alvin Poussaint (Come On People), and Nicholas Eberstadt (A Nation of Takers) focus on different -- albeit complementary -- facets of American society that have deteriorated since 1960.  Murray focuses on increasing social dysfunction -- drug addiction, divorce, illegitimacy, single parenthood, etc. -- among (especially working class) whites during the last half-century.  Cosby and...(Read Full Article)