A Veteran's Day Meditation

Some months back I wrote, buoyed by the persistent fears of a father, how my son the Army Special Ops Captain was leaving for Afghanistan to begin yet another tour of duty. Indeed, in "Wrestling with a Young Man's Duty," I attempted, amongst other things, to articulate the dread that every parent, wife, or child must countenance when their loved one flies away from their care and into Harm's Way. Having invested so much of our hope and joy into these brave young hearts spinning away from us, a part of us stops breathing and stands in limbo on a shelf until they return. Last week, my "Young Captain" came home, and I could finally begin to go about the business of living again -- of planting for the harvest that all living creatures undertake as they toil in the expectation of happiness and meaning. Today is Veteran's Day. In order that we may understand in truth, one's inquiry must start at the very beginning. The Great War, as it was once known, had been the most terrible...(Read Full Article)