A Survivor Emerges as a Victim of ObamaCare

Edie Littlefield Sundby has been the face of cancer survival and an inspiration to a lot of cancer patients. When her doctors told her she had cancer, she took an 800 mile walk away from the disease. Ms. Sundby beat the slim odds of surviving stage-4 gallbladder cancer through having access to great medical care at different hospitals, a wonderful attitude, and a bit of luck. AARP celebrated her courage and her acumen in hunting down the best possible treatment. Ironically, Ms. Sundby is now the face of how ObamaCare not only takes away your insurance but also your doctors. Ms. Sundby, writing in the Wall Street Journal on November 03, 2013 tells of not only losing the insurance that paid to keep her alive, these past some seven years, but also of having to choose between Stanford University, which kept her alive, and the University of California, San Diego, which provided emergency treatment during difficult periods with her disease and where her personal physician is...(Read Full Article)