A 'Sorry' Excuse for a President

President Obama is "sorry" that millions of Americans have had their health insurance plans cancelled despite his promises that ObamaCare would not cause this.   Is Obama sorry he's been caught in multiple material lies about his disastrous namesake, or is it the "godly sorrow" of Scripture that "brings repentance" and rights wrongs? Obama repeatedly has professed to be a Christian. His "pastor in chief, Joshua DuBois, has a new book, The President's Devotional, a compilation of devotions that he sent daily to Obama's Blackberry since 2008. Obama said he searches Scripture "to help him be a better man as well as a better president." As campaign director of religious affairs during Obama's first presidential campaign, DuBois said of him: "As a committed Christian, Senator Obama believes that the central teachings of Jesus in the Sermon [on] the Mount encourage us to treat one another with respect and to love our brothers and sisters of all backgrounds. He believes that the...(Read Full Article)