WW II Memorial Rally in Washington

Several thousand U.S. Veterans and their admiring supporters descended on Washington D.C.'s WWII Memorial to protest the punitive treatment of Veterans by the Obama Administration during the ongoing government shutdown.   People drove through the night or flew in the day before from as far away as Florida, Louisiana, and California. One active-duty soldier flew in from Germany just to participate in the two-hour rally, and rushed off to fly back so he wouldn't be AWOL on Monday.    Vets and active military have been the focus of the administration's contempt, suffering one indignity after another.   Many elderly attendees desperately searched in vain for men's and women's rooms nearby, but all the lavatories within walking distance of the War Memorials had been locked days earlier by the U.S. Park Service.   Vets who arrived early took down the barricades blocking access to the WWII Memorial, some saying "Mr. Obama, tear down this wall."   (Photo:...(Read Full Article)