Will a New Republican Party Please Stand Up?

Americans know the Republican Party has lost its way and the effectiveness of party conservatives has been neutralized. But it is not just the Republican Party per se that is the problem. All three branches of the federal government have seized our inheritance to the point where now we citizens are the ones who support and defend the Constitution, and career politicians and judges are destroying what is left of it. It is indisputable that the Republican Party offers no united opposition to the tyrannical Left. Indeed, in the recent government shutdown fiasco, Republican senators repudiated their fellow House Republicans and stood against them with the Democrats. That action was a slap in the face to not just those Republicans trying to rein in the Left's disastrous fiscal policies, but to all Americans who are concerned about the socialist agenda that is destroying our nation. The question before us is what to do about it. There are two major schools of thought on what should be...(Read Full Article)