Why the Republican Party?

After the latest dismal performance by congressional Republicans in their battle (a generous description) with the president and his minions over the budget and ObamaCare, it's time to ask, "Why the Republican Party?" From Jed Babbin, writing for American Spectator: Staggering, without direction, not quite dead and in search of brains, the Republican Party is giving a really good performance as the Zombie Party. According to the media's current narrative, it has to rid itself of the Tea Party's influence or die. The saddest of facts is that the media narrative is shared by many establishment Republicans. The fossil media and Washington Republicans are simpatico in wanting to rid the Grand Old Party of noisome Tea Party patriots. But back to the questions. What purpose does the establishment-dominated GOP serve other than as doormats for Democrats, handy and durable ones? We've seen John Boehner, along with top bananas Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy, sally forth time and again, sans...(Read Full Article)