Why Chomsky Hates Soccer & Soaps

Mindbogglingly, Professor Noam Chomsky has just (partly) blamed the current Syrian crisis on global warming. He said: "There was a drought of unprecedented scale in Syria... Therefore, the tragedy that has unfolded in Syria is partly a consequence of global warming." Following on from that, it may seem trivial or beside the point to focus of such a thing as his attitude towards soccer and soap operas. Chomsky himself thinks that soccer and soaps are trivial. Nonetheless, he also believes that they have a profound influence on American political realities. When it comes specifically to soccer, Chomsky believes that it produces an 'irrational loyalty to some sort of meaningless community [and is a] training for subordination to power and for chauvinism.' Soccer and soaps are also deemed, by Chomsky, to be parts of capitalism's 'power systems.' They are yet more domains in which the clueless people 'internalize the values of the elite'. In other words, Chomsky has cleverly resurrected...(Read Full Article)