When Mettle Meets the Toads

Two battles were joined this week, one on Capitol Hill and another at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (the symbolic core of which is known as Bascom Hill).  In both cases, free men who refused to be cowed struck back at overreaching tyrants. (a) The Battle of Capitol Hill As the Republicans and Democrats squared off on spending, World War II and Korean War vets were making their way to Washington, D.C. on Honor Flights, a charitable program to bring these folks to see the memorials to service members who fought in those wars.  Many are aged and infirm -- especially those who served in World War II -- and this may be their only chance to see this tardy, independently financed tribute to them and their colleagues.  The flights are eagerly anticipated and scheduled a year in advance.  These memorials are situated on the National Mall, which spreads out before the Capitol, and while there have been government shutdowns before, never have the...(Read Full Article)