What American Defeat Looks Like

If the United States is ever to be eclipsed as a major power, defeat might begin with foreign "leaders" -- all dictators, actually -- having ready access to the American people via our own mass media.  Recently, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin was welcomed to the editorial pages of that "newspaper of record," The New York Times. There, the Kremlin chief held forth on his vision for Mideast peace and a solution to Syria's ongoing civil war, and, for good measure, lectured us on how dangerous it was dangerous for any nation to think of itself as "exceptional."  Amerika, you're no more exceptional, he seemed to be saying, than Russia, Belarus, or even Chechnya.    Following Putin's debut as an ex-KGB agent turned Timesman, both Iran's new "president," Hassan Rouhani, and Syria's boss Bashar al-Assad were captured by American journalists for what was breathlessly billed as "exclusive" interviews. Rouhani's session was conducted...(Read Full Article)