Welcome to the 'Danger Games'

If Russia's handling of the Olympic torch relay leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi is any indication of what will happen during the event itself, it may not be precaution enough to stay out of Russia. One may need to leave the planet (just make sure it's not on a Russian rocket, though). The problems started at the very beginning, with two fatal missteps by the Putin administration, missteps that seriously belied Putin's ballyhooed claims of competence. First, Russia assigned the critical task of manufacturing the Olympic torches to one of the firms involved in building its accursed Proton rockets, the ones that routinely explode on the launch pad. Then, Russia paid a cut-rate price, significantly less than London paid, for each torch. In Russia, because of widespread corruption, to get the same quality as London it was necessary to allocate at least three or four times as much, not much less. This is why the Sochi games will cost Russia over $50 billion, vastly more...(Read Full Article)