Walmart's (and America's) Lesson in Greed

Right up there with abortion, homosexuality, and man-made global warming, few things rally liberals like "corporate greed." Writing for earlier this year, Bill Moyers declared, "Corporate greed is poisoning America -- literally." The Huffington Post has pages and pages dedicated to it, and the whole Occupy Wall Street movement was founded upon it. And of course, who could forget, "In this world... where white folks' greed runs a world in need." Financially speaking, my wife Michelle and I are disciples of the late Larry Burkett. Michelle worked full time for Larry's ministry Christian Financial Concepts (now Crown Financial Ministries) from 1997 until 2002. After the birth of our first child, she worked part time from home and continues in that capacity today. My life was changed dramatically very early in our marriage when I went through Larry's How to Manage Your Money (HTMYM) Bible study (which is now over 20 years old). In the study, Larry spends a lot of time talking...(Read Full Article)