Virginia Farmer Starts Property Rights Legal Revolution

Long and growing is the list of property rights abuses by federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency.  Even at the state level, wetlands and other laws are being used to invade and destroy private property rights.  Last term, the United States Supreme Court in Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District brushed back the government on its bullying treatment of private property owners, but the case was remanded for further litigation.  Private property owners can go bankrupt litigating to defend and protect their property rights, and government bureaucrats and lawyers rely on that as part of their strategy to push their extortive agendas.  Property owners have skin in the game; government bureaucrats and lawyers do not. The threat to property rights is not confined to behemoth government; it is very real at the local government level as well.  From the abuse of eminent domain typified in the Kelo case to abusing land use or zoning...(Read Full Article)