Top Muslim Authority Unwittingly Equates Jihad with Terrorism

A recent Arabic article appearing in Egypt's Al Ahram newspaper, titled "Is Terrorism Jihad?" and written by Islamic law expert Dr. Abdul Fatah Idris, offers important lessons -- from the fact that jihad does involve subjugating non-Muslims to why the Western mentality is still incapable of acknowledging it. Idris, professor and chairman of Al Azhar University's Department of Comparative Jurisprudence at the Faculty of Sharia Law, is a well-reputed legal scholar.  He begins his article by defining terrorism and quoting several international bodies that, in his words: ... define terrorism as an act of violence or threat of violence coming from an individual either on his own volition or in participation with other individuals.  It targets people or organizations or places or means of transportation or the general public in order to threaten or cause injuries or deaths of the people or simply to cripple the effectiveness of international organizations or to cause the loss...(Read Full Article)