Times Are A-Changin' For Conservatives

Many conservative writers become so emotionally traumatized when presented with the growing evidence that liberalism's grasp on America's youth is shrinking, they revert to denial and name calling. An especially virulent outbreak of this malady overwhelmed Selwyn Duke upon reading my September 4th article, 'The Millennial Generation Is Abandoning Liberalism'. Since Mr. Duke published his manifesto, "It's the Liberalism, Stupid", he regularly trumpets as settled science to conservatives his theory that "there has been a consistent, but accelerating, degeneration ever since" the Founding Fathers established the Republic. But when a conservative rejects two hundred years of American Exceptionalism, he accepts confinement in liberalism intellectual house of straw. While Selwyn Duke tells conservatives to denounce the rising independence of Millennials as "our latest movement toward idiocracy;" I celebrate Millennials' move to the middle as a remarkably positive shift toward political...(Read Full Article)