'There Has to be a System'

Some years ago I was discussing conservative health care ideas with a liberal ex-pat Brit. This was when Obamacare was just a gleam in Obama's eye. Her comeback was that "there has to be a system." I mentioned that to Lady Marjorie, who is blasting into orbit right now that her individual health insurance plan has been terminated and replaced with a plan that costs 30 percent more with higher deductibles. She retorted that most people think that a "big thing" like health care or education just has to be done by the government.In other words, there has to be a system. No there doesn't. And we know that liberals know this because of their professed love of Darwinian evolution. Liberals love evolution because it neuters the notion that God organized and created everything everything from scratch, that God created a top-down "system" and said that it was good. On the contrary, evolution by natural selection says that the living organisms that adapt best to their environment get to survive...(Read Full Article)