The World According to Andrea Mitchell

In an incident ignored by the media, race-baiter extraordinaire Andrea Mitchell and other big-name journalists candidly exposed their bigotry and racial prejudices at a friendly forum in the nation's capital last year. In an unusually candid conversation, mainstream media stars Mitchell, David Gregory, and Dana Milbank let loose in an orgy of Caucasian self-flagellation during a panel discussion titled, "Media: Race & Politics - The Impact of Race in Politics 2012," at the National Action Network's conference in Washington, D.C.  The left-wing street thug group is headed by none other than Jew-hating homophobe and Obama ally Al Sharpton. Now's a good time to bring this up as Mitchell, one of the biggest Obama supplicants on the boob tube, improbably receives the National Press Club's highest honor, the Fourth Estate Award, at a gala banquet tonight in the capital city.  Mitchell is receiving the prize even though it is designated for "a journalist who has made...(Read Full Article)