The Tiny Mind of Boehner: A Jail with No Bars

In contemplating the bizarre, incompetent, and feckless behavior of House Speaker John Boehner over the years, I am reminded of the signature scene from the 1969 Western comedy Support Your Local Sheriff:  In it,the sheriff (James Garner) ridicules dim-witted prisoner Joe Dandy (Bruce Dern), deriding him and maintaining full control even though his jail has no bars. The money scene is from 2:40 through 3:30: The cell on the right is yours. We don't have any bars yet...but we're gonna operate just as if the bars are while you're in this jail, you stay on that side of the line, and you and I will get along just fine...stay right there and behave yourself." This mocking manipulation is backed up only by some red paint drizzled on the floor where the bars should be, yet Danby is convinced it is the bloody remains of the last inmate.  That blood, like the fanciful memories of the 1995 shutdown that calcify the speaker and many other Republicans, is...(Read Full Article)