The Problem, of Course, Is Washington

The spectacle of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and, yes, John Boehner giving almost daily media announcements on the debt ceiling impasse ought to remind us once again that the principal problem of our nation is government and that the principal problem of government is Washington.    The Constitution granted very few powers to the federal government, and the Founding Fathers well understood the problems of a distant and insulated central government ruling from afar the vast expanses of America.  A recurring theme in the Declaration of Independence is the remoteness of London, and Washington today is as remote -- in every way, really -- from America as London was in 1776. A shutdown of the federal government seems in many ways to have affected the heartland of America as little as a parliamentary crisis in London would have affected farmers in Pennsylvania in the days before independence.  The problem of government today -- in most respects, nearly...(Read Full Article)