The ObamaCare Black Hole

One thing that the past few weeks have accomplished is the total destruction of Obama's "towering intellect" persona.   This is one the standard lenses through which Obama is viewed, with differing but complimentary angles from each end of the spectrum: the liberal "reigning intellect of his age" as opposed to the conservative "master chess player with a plan for destruction."   The basis of Obama's reputation for intellectual superiority lies in a mixture of Democratic propaganda and PC indoctrination.  The Democratic stance has been steadily maintained for years and prevails in some circles impervious to embarrassment or shame. Obama was an Ivy-league man! He was president of the Harvard Law Review! He was a constitutional law professor! He won the Nobel Prize! He wrote best-selling books!   This was bolstered by the PC contention that blacks who display any level of talent must immediately be promoted to the top of their field (except if their names are Thomas...(Read Full Article)