The New York Times vs. Netanyahu

The political culture -- or bias -- that pervades the New York Times now seems to require a weekly statement of hostility toward Israel's prime minister. Since the beginning of October, the Times has repeatedly displayed its discomfort with the leader of the Jewish state. It began with an editorial following Netanyahu's speech at the United Nations. Lacerating the prime minister for portraying Iranian President Rouhani in "combative and aggressive words," Times editors chastised him for his "sarcasm and aggressive" language. They warned that "it could be disastrous if Mr. Netanyahu and his supporters in Congress" exaggerate the Iranian nuclear threat and "block" President Obama from establishing a new relationship with the nation that has repeatedly threatened to annihilate Israel. About the danger posed by Iranian nuclear weapons Times editors remained silent. Netanyahu, they complained, "seems eager for a fight." Consequently, Obama's challenge is helping Netanyahu to realize that...(Read Full Article)