The Millennials: An Economically Lost Generation

The wealth and earning power of the Millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, is eroding day by day during the Obama presidency.  The magnitude of this erosion is nothing short of startling for those Americans born in 1983 or later. A lackluster at best job market is making for scarce opportunities for many Millennial college graduates.  This, in turn, is pushing back their opportunities to earn and subsequently save, while at the same time increasing their debt load -- a lethal financial concoction, indeed. This past May, as college graduates were walking up to get their diplomas, they were also being handed an average student loan debt of $35,200.  That amount of money could buy a nice automobile or represent a down payment on a house at some point.  Instead, it's unsecured debt with which the freshly minted graduate is burdened.  This has become all too often the "Welcome to the Real World" gift graduates have received...(Read Full Article)