The Impoverishment of American Conversation

I've become convinced that if there ever were a manly and profitable use of social networking, it would be to rarely post information about where the user is, or what he's doing, or how he's feeling, but always about what he's thinking.  And if this appears strange to most Americans, it proves something very backward about the way they think: that by sharing the contents of a person's ideas and beliefs, he would be rudely sharing something personal; and that if he were to be more polite, instead of speaking openly about what he sees as truth, he would share more information about things that really concern nobody else. Yet in my experience, there are few men, if any, who enjoy being cornered by a grandmother armed with a photo album of her grandchildren, or a man who constantly talks about his exercise routines, and I believe that a very similar sentiment applies to the majority of us who are cornered with small talk.  Of course, with the proud grandmother, we smile and...(Read Full Article)