The High and Low Road of Gun Rights

Let's face it -- in most everything we do in life, we have a choice. We can take the high road or we can take the low road. Knowing which road, when to take it, and why, can sometimes alter the course of history. Such was the case with our Founders during and after the American Revolution. After America had thrown off its chains of tyranny and won independence from England, people were elated at the prospects of their new, free nation. However, the suggestion that they should now turn around and accept a new governance compact known as the the Constitution of the United States came as a surprise to many and was viewed with considerable suspicion. Our Founders understood the economic stability and national security that the Constitution would provide, but convincing the general populace would be a different matter altogether. So how did they do it? Did our Founders go out and brazenly flaunt this new document in everyone's face, instigate polarizing tactics, or try to intimidate...(Read Full Article)