The Fall of Barack

Barack Obama is on schedule to leave office, widely acknowledged as America's worst president.  Somewhere, Jimmy Carter is smiling. Everything Barry has touched in four years and three quarters has turned to dog excrement.  He has the reverse Midas touch, although there is always plenty of gold for friends, associates and cronies. Take ObamaCare, for instance -- the ACA is a metaphor for the entire Obama presidency.  Despite polls showing that 85% of Americans were happy with their health insurance, Barry insisted that there was a healthcare "crisis."  Then, never the hardest worker, he allowed Nancy Pelosi and her minions, along with Harry Reid and his minions, to write a 2,000-plus-page monstrosity of a bill, including every liberal fantasy wish from the last half-century.  Afterward, the "I won" president, through bribes and legislative trickery, shoved the Affordable Care Act down the throat of America, on a strictly partisan vote...(Read Full Article)