The Euro-Socialist Death Spiral

In a small but telling incident, a German journalist accosted a Tea Partier at the Supreme Court on the day the ObamaCare case was being decided. The German upbraided the Tea Party movement for opposing government-run health care. His tone was the standard condescension for enlightened Euro-moralizing about -- well, everything, but especially socialized medicine -- for the benefit of benighted Americans. In short, he behaved like an average Democrat. An old fable describes the attitude of "civilized" Euro-Socialists -- and their U.S. counterparts, the Democrats -- toward the United States. A genie appears to two peasants and grants each a wish. The first wishes for a beautiful prize cow. The second, envying his neighbor's coming prosperity, wishes for the cow to drop dead on the spot. Instead of getting their own cow, our "betters" keep wishing for ours to die. The Democrats eagerly agree, forcibly herding Americans into the Euro-Socialist death spiral -- for our own good, of course....(Read Full Article)