The Devil Comes Home to Cal State Northridge

I have received a number of communiqués asking me to take a position on David Klein, a fellow CSU Northridge professor who finds himself in hot water with Jewish anti-defamation groups.  He uses university resources to showcase the movement to boycott and sanction Israel. Why would my opinion matter?  Well, our controversies have a few faint parallels:  he is Jewish and criticizes Israel, while I am bisexual and oppose same-sex parenting.  We hold unpopular opinions and look like traitors to our own communities. Some people want me to justify my continued employment at Northridge, given that fellow conservatives are calling for Klein to be punished.  Others want me to defend Klein's freedom of speech, given that Provost Harry Hellenbrand has been truly stellar at protecting my academic freedom -- it is because of Harry that I still have a job. I'll get to all that after I tell you a tale, Hawthorne-style. Remember the gullible Puritan? A classic...(Read Full Article)