The Black Swan in the Perfect Storm

The Black Swan is Arithmetic. She is coming and she is already here. In Detroit, you see her in the debris of a once great American city. The Perfect Storm is the confluence of events that will wreak economic havoc on America. It need not have anything to do with the current debt ceiling controversy. Most don't see it coming. For them, it will bring shock and awe. Nassim Nicholas Teleb is credited with developing the metaphor -- based on the sudden discovery that all swans are not white -- of the black swan, to refer to widely unexpected events that come as a surprise to most, and change everything. Below are several of the Perfect Storm fronts, samples of how an increasingly desperate regime is likely to respond as the storm builds, and a brief glimpse into the coming storm damage to America. The Converging Fronts of the Perfect Storm Quantitative Easing (QE) will continue. This artificial economic stimulation may go on through the 2014 elections, particularly if Vice Chair...(Read Full Article)