Thanks to ObamaCare, My Insurance Was Canceled

I provide the full cost of health insurance for my full-time staff and pay the cost for my family.  In August I received a notice that my insurance would cease as of January 2014 due the basic set of requirements under ObamaCare. I do not need fertility services or many of the other requirements. Today I met with the insurance brokers, who informed me that I will have to pay about 45% more for similar coverage.  The cost for my staff will increase also.  About 19 million individuals and small businesses purchase health insurance for themselves and staff.  These people are not required under ObamaCare to provide insurance since they have fewer than 50 employees.  Unfortunately, because of the rate increases and requirements, up to 16 million will lose their present policies.  Therefore, more people will lose insurance than gain it from the cooperatives established by the government. Three weeks ago, the press, Democrats,...(Read Full Article)