Thank Allah For Democrats

Nations have been lying to and attacking their enemies for millennia. Leaders of one nation have told lies about their goals and objectives to the leaders of other nations since the beginning of nations. We who think and read are easily able to tell when the leader of our liberal nation is lying to the conservative nation. We care too much about our country not to know the truth, and besides, his lips were moving. But what is it that prevents the left from ever once understanding that it is being lied to on an equally constant basis by those who would destroy our country from without in the name of world domination? It has been truly astonishing to watch liberals fall all over themselves proclaiming a new beginning with Iran because the newest Iranian politicians lied to the president and his equally absurd media agents. Aside from there being a different face, nothing about Iran or what it is doing, or has been doing, has changed one iota. The new figurehead leader was handpicked by...(Read Full Article)