Sun Tzu, Ken Cuccinelli, and the 'War on Women' Gambit

Maybe we really have fallen through the looking glass.  Virginia's highly qualified and able Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, continues to trail shady political hack Terry McAuliffe in recent polls of the Virginia governor's race.  The gap consists entirely of women voters, with 53% favoring McAuliffe to 34% for Cuccinelli.  At least some of that gap comes from McAuliffe's active use of the "war on women" gambit, which the Democrats developed in the 2012 elections.  Of course, the whole "war on women" gambit is as phony as Obama's campaign promise to reduce the deficit (see here and here), but if the Democrats win with it in Virginia, we will be hearing nothing but in 2014.  (Not to mention that the Old Dominion will be stuck with an incompetent, job-destroying, tax-raising leftist as governor.) Can we counter this newest variation on the Big Lie?  Yes, by using one of the stratagems attributed to the ancient Chinese military philosopher, Sun Tzu. ...(Read Full Article)