Rolling the Hard Six

A majority of Tea Partiers support Republican candidates and comprise a large percentage of the Republican base. But many have been disappointed with the GOP and feel frustrated, as well as marginalized by the party. They feel unappreciated and used -- as if they are needed only to phone bank, precinct walk, donate, and show up at events and then, after the election, are forgotten. They feel looked down upon by the "establishment," as if they are the crazy uncle everyone tolerates at Thanksgiving dinner. Occasionally, candidates backed by Tea Party groups have not been supported by the GOP and, well, we've seen how some GOP leaders have treated some House and Senate members elected with Tea Party support. (This is not to say the Tea Party has been without blame. Some Tea Party leaders and candidates have also demonstrated less than respectful or exemplary behavior towards GOP leaders and candidates.) Candidates tend to do a good job listening to voters, but once they land in...(Read Full Article)