Putin vs. the Arctic Sunrise

Following the pattern established by the USSR, the despotic regime of proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin has declared war on every aspect of society that does not conform to Putin's bland, homogenized orthodoxy. Homosexuals, artists, opposition political leaders, and environmentalists have all been jailed following disgraceful neo-Soviet show trials designed to purge Russia of the last vestiges of creativity, innovation, and dissent. Perhaps for that reason it is unsurprising that the nation's economy stands on the precipice of a double-dip recession. The nation's own prime minister has warned his country is reentering the gloomy atmosphere of neo-Soviet stagnation. And Putin is by no means limiting himself to jailing his own countrymen. Now he's jailing Americans too. In the rolling South Pacific about 500 miles west of the Pitcairn Islands, where the infamous HMS Bounty mutineers took refuge, lies the uninhabited French atoll of Moruroa. For two decades starting in 1966, the French...(Read Full Article)