Olympic-Level Corruption in Putin's Russia

The one thing nobody can take away from Russia is its ability to surprise.  Every time you think you've seen it all from Russia, the country delivers something more -- often much more.  The only problem is, almost every single surprise is bad news. Last week, there were two amazing, related stories out of the Putin dictatorship. In the first one, the brilliant Russian journalist Andrei Soldatov, who specializes in watching the Russian secret police, broke the deeply disturbing news that Putin is planning a massive campaign of eavesdropping on all attendees during the Winter Olympics to be held next year in Sochi, Russia. In the second, the Kremlin's own newswire service trumpeted the news that Edward Snowden had been given an award in Moscow by Sam Adams Associates, a motley crew of American haters who in 2010 gave their award to Julian Assange himself. So get this: no sooner has Snowden arrived in Russia seeking sanctuary in protest of Barack Obama's alleged...(Read Full Article)