ObamaCare's Failure Will End It?

Reading Marc A. Thiessen's column at the Washington Post yesterday, this passage rang a big bell: It is going to take months to rebuild it. That raises a question: If the federal government can't manage a simple Web site, how on earth is it going to manage the health care of millions of Americans? Good question, but hasn't it been asked a million times before about failed or failing federal programs, be that Medicaid, welfare, or farm subsidies, to name a few? How about the postal service or the VA? Both conspicuously inefficient operations and failures in their own ways. And on state levels, who doesn't gripe about the DMV? Yet... have any of these gone away? It could be that Republicans are overestimating the power of failure as it pertains to government. This could well be scary-true of ObamaCare. There's an underlying assumption among Washington Republicans that ObamaCare will fail of its own gross deficiencies. Just get out of the way and watch it fall. But that logic defies...(Read Full Article)