Obama vs. the Veterans

The government has been shut down since October 1st and President Obama has decided to close Washington by making life as inconvenient as possible. He did this before with the Sequestration when he would not permit any White House tours. Instead of understanding that he should work for the best interests of Americans, helping them wherever possible, he has done just the opposite. It appears he sees this as a game where he wants to win at all costs with the clear loser the American people. In response there is the possibility of a new rally, "Million Vet March On the Memorials" that will take place on October 13th. American Thinker decided to use the World War II Memorial fiasco to point out the president's uncaring ways and how he tried to use veterans as political pawns. Last Tuesday a group of WWII veterans from Mississippi, as part of the "Honor Flights" Program, was scheduled to visit their memorial in Washington DC. Honor Flight represents America's pride in...(Read Full Article)