Obama is Weak and the Mullahs Know It

The mullahs of Iran are playing the game of the good cop, Moderates, and bad cop, Hardliners, with the present American administration, and unfortunately President Obama is so eager to prove his misguided statement of six years ago offering negotiations with Iran with no preconditions, that he may fall in the mullah's trap. The reality is that there are no moderates in the regime of Iran. Khomeini set the law of "United under the absolute rule" that makes all dissent nothing but treason punishable by death. The mullahs are cunning, soft-spoken and deceitful. Ahmadinejad was not a mullah -- he was a useful idiot for the dear supreme leader Ali Khamenei. He had a big mouth but no power -- that made him less threatening than Rouhani. Ask any Iranian about the nature of the Shia Mullahs, they will tell you that there is no one as cunning, deceptive, unreliable, and capable of lying as they are. Khomeini lied to the people of Iran and the world, and his heirs have continued the...(Read Full Article)