National Park Service: Wolves in Service Dog Harness

When people look back on the past week, I suspect the key images they remember will be the various shots of barricades, traffic cones and police tape around national monuments and across the entrances to national parks, national scenic parkways and even preventing access to private property. Of all the events this was both the most visual and the most unexpected.  A government agency they had always thought as benevolent, the National Park Service (NPS), unexpectedly turned into something that seemed alien and even frightening.    Before last week the NPS had one of the most favorable images among federal agencies.  Mention the name and people recall family vacations to Yellowstone Park, the Grand Canyon and Smoky Mountain National Park.  Mention the expertise of NPS personnel and it brings back memories of class trips to Washington DC, Yorktown, Valley Forge or Gettysburg with knowledgeable tour guides explaining the significance of the sites.  Far...(Read Full Article)