More Fun With ObamaCare

Last April, American Thinker posted my essay, "Fun With Obamacare." In it, I wrote: When 2014 rolls around and ObamaCare fully takes effect, I intend to drop my current self-financed ($394/month as I write this, sure to increase at renewal) catastrophic health-care plan and redirect my monthly $350 Health Savings Account contributions (which will no longer be allowed after I drop my insurance) to my SEP or Roth IRA. Or maybe I'll just buy myself something nice. Obama and Bernanke want me to spend, don't they? Half-a-year later, I thought "American Thinker-ites" might appreciate an update. Surely, as we move ever closer to January 1, 2014, some of AT regulars, whether they agree or not with the original essay, would be curious to know: Will he or won't he? Does he still plan to cancel his insurance come 2014? Well, if you are able to read the two embedded pages above, of a letter I received just days ago, from Emblem Health, my health care provider, the Affordable Care Act, a/k/a...(Read Full Article)