Mahmoud Abbas: First Obstacle to Peace

Life is good for Mahmoud Abbas.  He is not about to mess it up by reaching a comprehensive peace agreement with Israel.   As peace negotiations slog on, Abbas will soon begin his tenth year as president of the Palestinian Authority.  That's impressive, as his term actually ended in 2009.  But with a government full of cronies happy to oblige him, Abbas continues to unilaterally extend his occupation of the president's office. Abbas presides over a population of about 2 million -- the size of metropolitan Kansas City.  Yet outsized perks of the P.A. presidency include fawning foreign leaders, international celebrity status, globetrotting to collect more foreign aid than any people in history, and -- best of all for a politician -- zero expectation of successful governance: "The Occupation" serves as an all-purpose excuse for everything from corruption to failure to stop terror to perennial economic basket-case status. The office...(Read Full Article)