Lessons in Liberal Projection: Conservatism Is 'Mean'?

Is liberals' claim that conservatism is mean correct?  After reading this article, you tell me. In the early sixties, two school bus-loads of us black kids from Pumphery, Maryland were bused to nearby Brooklyn Park Junior/Senior High School.  I felt like a speck of pepper in a salt shaker. Every month, the best seven paintings from all the art classes were displayed in the school lobby.  Numerous times, a painting of mine made the cut. The selection process perfectly illustrated conservatism, as it was based solely on merit.  Had today's liberalism been in power at that time, paintings would have been selected based on race, gender, and fairness. Liberals would argue it unfair that only talented students experience the pride of having their paintings exhibited in the lobby.  Their do-gooder attempt to make everyone feel special would ultimately make no one feel special.  Anyone who opposed exhibiting every student's painting would be branded a...(Read Full Article)