Lessons in Liberal Projection: Conservatism Is 'Mean'?

Is liberals' claim that conservatism is mean correct?  After reading this article, you tell me.

In the early sixties, two school bus-loads of us black kids from Pumphery, Maryland were bused to nearby Brooklyn Park Junior/Senior High School.  I felt like a speck of pepper in a salt shaker.

Every month, the best seven paintings from all the art classes were displayed in the school lobby.  Numerous times, a painting of mine made the cut.

The selection process perfectly illustrated conservatism, as it was based solely on merit.  Had today's liberalism been in power at that time, paintings would have been selected based on race, gender, and fairness.

Liberals would argue it unfair that only talented students experience the pride of having their paintings exhibited in the lobby.  Their do-gooder attempt to make everyone feel special would ultimately make no one feel special.  Anyone who opposed exhibiting every student's painting would be branded a hater, racist, or sexist.

Having my paintings regularly numbered among the best made me aware of my gift.  Liberalism would have robbed me of that knowledge which ultimately lead to a career as a graphic designer and art director.  That would have been a mean thing to do to a child.

Foolishly, liberalism attempts to make life fair, insuring equal outcomes via government controls.  However, life is not fair.  Humans make choices which produce various results.  One can never truly experience the thrill of victory without the agony of defeat.

Rightly, California parents are outraged over a ruling by liberals to punish/fine youth football teams that score too many points.  The message: a team can be good, but not too good.

Liberalism is entrenched in the Democratic Party, whose higher-ups offer do-gooder government-intrusive policies and programs that ultimately injure those whom Democrats claim to champion.  Typically, liberal/Democrat policies and programs are ill-conceived, emotion-driven, and void of reality.

For example: decades of liberals/Democrats lowering standards and morals have destroyed the black family.  Now we see over 70% fatherless households, with epidemic high school dropouts. 

Blacks are aborting themselves out of existence.

Then there is the liberals' irrational obsession with gun control, also known as disarming the good guys (law-abiding citizens).  Bad guys -- that is, criminals -- do not obey gun laws.  Stats confirm that where gun laws abound, crime does the same.

For the life of me, I do not understand why so-called feminist groups support banning guns.  If my wife is attacked, I want her packing -- not armed with a whistle or a spray.

Years ago, liberals/Democrats sought to legitimize Ebonics (African-American Vernacular English) as a language.  The Oakland, CA school board proposed higher pay for teaches proficient in Ebonics and funding for teachers to learn it.  Sadly, I am not describing a Saturday Night Live skit.

Would you feel secure hearing the pilot of your flight saying something like, "Yo, whassup dogs, we be chillin' ta-day at 30,000 feets"? 

Standard operating procedure for liberals/Democrats is to brand any responsible reduction in government spending hateful, cruel, and extreme.

Another "mean" component of liberalism is the belief that it is morally just for government to confiscate the fruits of one man's labors to give to another.  This philosophy has nurtured disability and food stamp fraud; both have gone through the roof under Obama.  And yet, conservatives'/Republicans' attempts to slightly rein in food stamp spending is called a heartless attack on the poor.

Adding $6 trillion to the national debt since taking office, America's most liberal/progressive president has us on an insane, irresponsible, non-sustainable path.

Strong conservative reinforcements are severely needed in D.C., which is why we at Conservative Campaign Committee have been pounding the drums for months for Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate in New Jersey.  Lonegan will not be intimidated and will fight Obama's job-killing regulations.

Is conservatism mean? Absolutely not.

Conservatism is Dr. Ben Carson's mom banning TV in her home and forcing her troubled, angry black child to read books -- a tough parenting decision rooted in love.  She ordered Ben to write book reports, which she had to pretend to read because she was illiterate.  Now Dr. Ben Carson is a retired American neurosurgeon.

Liberals/Democrats reinforce the anger of black youths such as young Ben, convincing them that they are victims of racist white America -- thus giving black youths an excuse to fail.

Conservatism means treating Americans equally without special concessions for race or gender.  It offers individuals dignity and self-respect by teaching them to catch their own fish.  It offers freedom and independence.

Utopia for liberals/Democrats is having all Americans totally dependent on government for their sustenance, standing in long lines for rations from the Government Free Fish Exchange.

Conservatism vs. liberalism.  Which one is ultimately harmful and mean?  You decide.

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