It's All Republicans' Fault

Even now, nearly a year into his second term, both the president and seemingly millions of his supporters are bent on blaming George W.  Bush and "the Republicans" for the nation's ills. And now with the Affordable Care Act's provisions kicking in, the federal government partially shut down due to a budget impasse and the feds just days away from once again maxing their credit card -- the (to the right) finger pointing is once again a favorite pastime of the President, Harry Reid and pretty much every Democrat within shouting distance of a microphone. As someone who spends a great deal of time on social media, I seem to be perpetually engaged in an endless debate over who's to blame for our economy's lack luster performance, the ever-growing mountain of federal debt, America's demotion to laughing-stock status internationally, the general combative attitude that exists between various factions of society, be it wealthy/poor, white/black, conservative/progressive, even the...(Read Full Article)