I Ache for a President Who Loves America

If there's one thing that bugs me about the Obama years it is the palpable fact that Obama doesn't love America. The last two weeks has intensified that feeling. We know why he doesn't love America. It's because he identifies with his Kenyan father's hatred of Western colonialism. If that weren't enough, Obama follows the cultural cues of liberal America, from his lefty mother to his lefty teenage mentors to his lefty college instructors to his lefty radical sponsors in Chicago. Liberals think they are too good for America. Ditto Obama. Liberals are above things like patriotism, which they demonize as nationalism. Meanwhile liberals want to turn the clock back to tribalism with the reactionary politics they call "identity politics." Liberals sneer at religion, while practicing the most debased and bloody religions ever invented -- socialism and communism. And liberals demonize individualism, the notion of the responsible self that undergirds our Western culture. Instead they worship...(Read Full Article)