How does Russia Rate G-8 Membership?

Once again, an avalanche of data has forced the world to ask: What is Russia doing in the G-8? There are no empirical criteria you can name which support Russian membership. It is an outlier, and by most measures in fact a barbarous state, whose presence in the cartel of leading civilized nations is profoundly mysterious. Australia's Walk Free Foundation has just published a ranking of 162 world nations according to the number of slaves they currently hold as a share of their populations (see pages 118-121 of the report). It's a list where you want to be as close to the bottom as possible. G-8 leader the United States and Russia are polar opposites. Coming in at #134, only 28 countries in the world have less slavery than the USA. What forms of slavery still exist in the USA, you ask? Two key categories of human trafficking are prostitutes who are essentially held prisoner by their pimps and migrant workers who are prisoners of their farms, factory sweat shops or even domestic homes....(Read Full Article)